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Port forwarding WAN to remote LAN help needed

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Port forwarding WAN to remote LAN help needed

On our mesh, we need to forward ports from a node with Internet access to a remote node on the mesh for an Echolink implementation. The node with Internet access is a Rocket M2 with fw (as is the remote node) and is advertised as a mesh gateway. Both nodes are candidates for fw upgrades, if necessary.

I have read associated posts regarding "Port Forwarding from WAN to LAN on remote node" and "custom firewall handling." Building the files is pretty straightforward (assuming these posts are for AREDN and not LinkSys only).

To what folder should these files be uploaded? The Forum post references "the directory "/etc/local/mesh-firewall"." But on the Rocket I don't see "/etc/local/mesh-firewall". I can't find any folder named "mesh-firewall."

What have I (Linux novice) overlooked?


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Just use the Port forwarding
Just use the Port forwarding functions in the Setup page area.
Here's a quick tutorial that I put together to show how to get to MeshChat over the WAN connection.
still confused
Assume this forwarding is setup on the node with the Echolink RPi as that node is the only node that has the IP for the RPi in the dropdown list. This node also does not have a WAN address.

The node with Internet access is set to advertise as a gateway. As mentioned above, this node does not list the RPi in the port forwarding dropdown list.

Am I too far off base or is it that simple? Doesn't appear to be working, but I haven't checked the work previously done on the Internet router for the port forwarding.
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ok.  i think i understand. 
ok.  i think i understand.  The remote node is NOT a LAN device (ie. directly attached to the node with internet access).
I can help

I messaged you from the system. Drop me an email and I can help you out.


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