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Polycom Logs Won't Upload

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Polycom Logs Won't Upload
Using the Asterisk/FreePBX image from about two weeks ago, v13.0.74. to provision some Polycom 331/335 phones with RasPBX via tftp, and it's generally working fine (they provision, can make calls, do voicemail, etc.), but I can't figure out how to get the log files uploaded.

Trying to keep an orderly directory setup, so I've put files in subdirectories, but even with defaults, logs and address books don't upload.
the /tftpboot and all it's subdirectories are 777 permission, so that shouldn't be the problem.
Did make a (mac address)-directory.xml file and the phone loaded it (from /tftpboot/polycom/directories/), just won't write new/updated stuff.

Tried doing some searching for "Asterisk FreePBX tftp write" and similar to see if i can findinfo, but what comes up talks about changing arguments to -c to /etc/xinetd.d/tftp but there is no xinetd.d in /etc/.
Seems like this is most likely the issue, but I don't know enough Linux to figure out where the config files are for this.


Sounds like it would be the
Sounds like it would be the cause to me as well. I'm however not familiar with freepbx but my goto files would be something in /etc/init.d/  /etc/inetd.conf if the xinetd directory or file doesn't exist.

find / -name "*inetd*"
find / -name "*ftp*"

may find it as a fallback. 

Somone else with freepbx may be able to give more details.
Nothing found with that.
Nothing found with that.
Wasn't sure if I'd have much luck here since IP phones aren't the main focus, but hey, I already had an account here.
Have to head over to a more asterisk centric forum.

Thanks for the help though.
I just happened to need to
I just happened to need to install FreePBX (10.13.66 with Asterisk 13 64bit version) today for a project so I took a moment to look at this question while in there.

I was able to find the tftpd config file at /etc/xinetd.d/tftp when I logged into the console so at least on my machine it does appear to be there.
Did you use the RasPBX image
Did you use the RasPBX image or install those packages on a more standard image?
That is probably the difference (see my follow up), but thanks for looking.
Ah yes, I used "FreePBX: the
Ah yes, I used "FreePBX: the distro, didn't notice the  "Raspbx" the first few times reading through only thge "FreePBX" part.

Makes sense now why the global side of why everyone else was saying one thing and why the real world was different.

Good info to know should it come up again.
Follow up for future

Follow up for future reference, RasPBX doesn't allow this in the current version, as it uses dnsmasq for TFTP, which is a read-only TFTP server.

Reference :

Stupid forum, was supposed to be a reply to the first post to make it easy to find.

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