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Polycom IP-550

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Polycom IP-550
Anyone have experience with Polycom IP-550?  I've got one laying around, and wondering if anyone has experience with it, and/or knows if/how it can be converted into a SIP device?

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Polycom IP 550
Scott, the Polycom IP 550 is like most of the other SountPoint IP phones, and unless it has been loaded with some special or company specific firmware it should be standard SIP configurable.  If it is set up with factory default parameters and gets it IP address via DHCP then just place it on you network, discover what IP it gets and then point your favorite web browser to it.  Default logon is "Polycom" with a password of "456".  Under the "Lines" section, set the Display Name, Address, Auth ID and Password values to match what you have set up in your VoIP PBX (many people use the free version of Asterisk).  Under the "Server 1" "Address" field put the IP address of your VoIP system the phone will register to.  The "Port" value should almost always be 5060 unless you have modified the SIP port on your PBX.  Scroll to the bottom and below the "Message Center" section click the "Submit" button.  The phone will restart and when it comes back up it should be functional and working off of your VoIP PBX.  The quick way to know if the phone has registered is to look for the small symbol of a telephone to the right of the extension number in the display, if that symbol is filled in solid then the phone is registered, if it is only the outline of a phone then it has not registered and more work is needed.  There are other parameters you will want to set, like pointing it to an NTP server to get the date and time, but this is not a necessity to get the phone working. The Polycom SoundPoint phones are good, solid phones with generally good to excellent audio quality.  Enjoy.

73, Bill, N4SV
As mentioned, these should be
As mentioned, these should be standard SoundPoint phones.
I haven't used that specific model, but I do have some 330 and 335 phones set up with a Raspberry Pi running the RasPBX distro which will connect to our mesh

I did initially use the web interface for registering phones, but after doing some more research, I decided it would be much better to have the PBX provision the phones; there is much more control and configurability that way, that even though there's a bit of a learning curve it was worth the effort.
Best way is to get the documentation from Polycom's website and read it over.  Last I checked, UC software v 4.0.10 was the last publicly available version.  You want the split files so updating is faster and simpler.

I didn't need a lot of functionality, so it was pretty easy to customize the sample files.  I also created some scripts that create new config files from a master, just needing to enter the MAC address of the new phone, and found a way to update speed dial lists for each phone at boot so it's always current (RasPBX TFTP server is read only).  I need to work my script to add new extensions to the speed dial list.

You didn't really say what you wanted to do with the phone, so if you are more specific then we can give more specific info.

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