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Polycom IP 321

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Polycom IP 321
I recently acquired at low cost a Polycom SountPoint 321 IP phone. It powers up OK, in the process of figuring out how to get it set up on our network (Asterisk running on R-Pi). Anyone else used this phone or something like it...any recommendations, cautions, gotchas etc.? It must need a compliant 802.3af PoE as it doesn't power up with 24v Ubiquiti PoE, but works from the 24v power jack. Mildly interesting inside, seeing a TI TNETV1056 VIOP SoC chip, DRAM and flash; not too much else, power conversion using TI TPS40060 buck switcher. Dave
Polycom IP 321 phone

     Dave, I done extensive work with the Polycom IP 32X series of phones, and have many of them running on RSAPBX.  I've even created a short document to instruct hams in or area on the basics of setting up the IP32X phone on RASPBX.  I'm not sure I can attach the document to this response, but I'd be happy to send to you if you have a direct email.  The phones work quite well on RASPBX, whether on a BBHN network or not.  Again I'm happy to help.

73, Bill, N4SV

IP 321 reset password

   Thanks Bill. I've been trying to reset password but procedure doesn't seem to work (holding down 1-3-5-7 on powerup).
When I enter MAC address it just rejects it...any ideas?

   You can send me the doc at:    { ve3kmv  AT  rac  DOT ca }   I'm looking at file attch options for this board, says it supports tgz (only?).

   Another local guy has some 301s, will be of interest also.


Polycom IP 321 phone info
Dave, sent you an email directly with some additional information on the phones and the document I indicated.  Sorry for the delay.
73, Bill, N4SV
I'm setting up some 331/335

I'm setting up some 331/335 phones and I'd like to see that write up as well.
I'm sure that I'm missing a couple things, but I've got one up and running, so I know I'm pretty much there, but any extra pointers would be appreciated. at


Polycom SoundPoint IP-32X phone setup on a RASPBX
     The document is in the email, hopefully it provides some useful information related to the Polycom IP-32X phone setup.
73, Bill, N4SV
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Same info too


Can I trouble you for the same info?    mrjeepcj7 at



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