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POE Switches on UBNT AREDN Devices

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POE Switches on UBNT AREDN Devices
This is  a topic regarding use of the 802.3af capable POE switches and Ubiquiti devices with AREDN Firmware.  I noticed that the Rocket supports 802.3af and possibly other UBNT devices as well.  My questions:

1. Is 802.3af POE supported using the AREDN Firmware?  Is this feature built into the hardware by nature and is this capability lost when we set these nodes up for MESH?

2. If it does work, has anyone analyzed and put together a matrix chart showing which AREDN supported devices will work with 802.3af?

3. Has anyone configured a Cisco SG300-28P POE switch to use with MESH devices (DTD)?

I believe you have already
I believe you have already discovered in another thread that Ubiquiti creates an 802.3af converter. I'm going to put the following for clarity incase anyone else sees this in the future.

None of the supported devices (or really any device made by Ubiquiti except the injector) support 802.3af they all rely on passive power.

This basically means every device can use 802.3af if you install the converter and its outside the AREDN firmwares responsibility to manage.

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