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Please help collect information on your nodes

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Please help collect information on your nodes

The AREDN firmware currently has workaround logic to clean up 'zombie' processes due to defects in ether linux or a program called 'iw" (a program AREDN frequently uses to obtain information about the RF link).    This logic detects a stuck or zombie process that does not properly terminate when expected and is not freeing up RAM and other resources.    It is possible that upgrades to linux and 'iw' in recent AREDN releases have resolved the root cause defects.   To know, we can check to see if this logic is still triggering to kill these stuck processes.  If it is no longer doing anything, then we can remove this logic in a future release.

Please take a look at your mesh nodes that have been running for extended timeframe (well, more than a week or so.).  Specifically look for a file called /tmp/zombie.log .   Does this file exist?   A 'no' is meaningful information to pass back.  If  a 'yes', please attach this file to your response or send to  ae6xe at arrl dot net.   My tower nodes do not have any 'hits' (/tmp/zombie.log does not exist) demonstrating that this logic is not needed at my sites.  What about your site?

Joe AE6XE 

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/tmp/zombie.log . Does this file exist?

Hi, Joe:

NB613, NC8Q-Centerville-Beavercreek 12 days, No.
NB607, NC8Q-Centerville-Bellbrook 16 days, No.
NB613, NC8Q-Centerville-HuberHeights 13 days, No.
NB613, NC8Q-Centerville-Kettering 12 days, No.
NB607, NC8Q-Centerville-Miamisburg 16 days, No.
NB613, NC8Q-HuberHeights-Centerville 13 days, No.

I did catch a glimpse of occasionally.

I hope this helps,

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It would be good to include

It would be good to include the firmware version as well.  (to determine if newer releases have fixed this)

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No zombie.log found

Same as Chuck.  Checked 14 nodes and a few, but no zombie.log  Most of my nodes have an uptime of about 4 1/3 days (you guys keep releasing new nightly builds...)
Nightly 661 on all


Nothing found on various BaseBox2, NSM2 XW/XM, NSM5 XW, PB M5 400's, uptime around 7 days, mostly nightly 648.


VK3VDP-GL150 - Uptime 2 weeks

VK3VDP-GL150 - Uptime 2 weeks (was rebooted today due to a SSH Key issu) firmware: No log in /tmp. Will also check my other nodes and post tomorrow.


Checked my two other nodes that have been up for weeks and no sign of the log file in /tmp


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Not found

Did a spot check of a half dozen nodes in Ventura County that had been running for a couple of months.   No zombie log files found in /tmp

Orv W6BI

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