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Does anyone know if the PicoStation2 not the PicoStation M2 HP will work with AREDN?    It is an older model that is an international Model.  The PicoStation M2 HP has been discontinued and replaced with the UAP-AC-M-US Mesh.  I am not finding the PicoStation M2 HP in stock anywhere.  
I know the bullet M2 does the same thing but I don't need something that large or that powerful.  

I found one place that has the PicoStation2 international model in stock and they are willing to sell to me but I want to make sure it will work first.  

Thank you to anyone that can help. 

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Only the "M" series is

Only the "M" series is supported.  The non-M series devices are ancient and do not have enough memory.

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(also, the Picostation M2 and

the Picostation M2 and Bullet M2 have identical power specs
neither of these devices are MIMO (dual-polarity) which puts you at an immediate disadvantage

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I found a guy selling a
I found a guy selling a PicoStation2HP with the firmware line saying XS2.ar2316.v4.0.3.5058.130328.1054 I assume this won't work but I wanted to make sure. Thanks, Augustine W8AWT

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