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Picostation 2

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Picostation 2

Could we add a not supported entry to the Supported Platform Matrix for the Picostation 2? I fell into that trap ordering one off of Ebay not realizing that I needed to look out for that. I have added it to my version at

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We've never supported the

We've never supported the "non-M" versions.  In fact, for the majority of our supported devices, they MUST be "M" versions (ie.  M2, M3, M5, M900).
the exception is how Ubiquiti names things like AirGrids, NanoBeams, AirRouter, and a few others.  They don't have M's in their name at all.

Actually Airgrid and Nanobeam

Actually Airgrid and Nanobeam do have an M<band> in the name.

Only the AirRouter doesn't because it only has one band  and my knowledge only comes in equipment hardware of an M series(Ubiquiti did not need to differentiate between new and old )


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