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"Phonebooth" kit

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"Phonebooth" kit

Basic "phonebooth" kit with the phone (GXP-1630) going to the Mikrotik SXTsq 5. Front right corner has two RJ45 panel mounts. 12V/5V step-down for the phone. 10Ah Dakota Lithium battery. Apache 2800 case.


Looks great!

What a fun project, Martin.  Looks great!

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HUGE battery!

You could run that phone and AP for weeks off that 10aH battery!  

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Weeks? Not hardly!

Not hardly!  That's 10AH x 12 volts which is only 120 watt hours.  The SXTsq 5 is speced at 7 watts max (likely does not take that much).  At half that, it would only last a little over a day, and that does not include the phone (which I could not quickly find a spec for), or conversion losses.


I haven't tested yet how long it would run. Much will depend on the use profile, standby vs. in-use. 
The wallwart for the phone is 5V/0.6A. The stepdown converter claims over 95% max. conversion efficiency.

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7 watts? Wow!

You are correct Jim!  Can't believe that thing sucks down 7 watts but I checked... correct.  That's a power sucker!

In that case, perhaps it would be a good idea to have a solar panel - something around 25 watts @ 12VDC to keep the battery topped off.  

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