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PBX/SIP Servers recommended

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PBX/SIP Servers recommended
We are putting together a BOM for services to run on our planned AREDN mesh. I was interested to know what PBX/SIP servers others may be using or recommend for the mesh - at this stage we have FreeSwitch active with some external gateways (link to other PBXs and services), a few VOIP phones and some Linphone setups on PCs etc.. I saw a short list on the AREDN services description pages but interested to know what people have actually taken into production.


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production PBX/SIP Servers recommended
Hi, Ken:

I was eager to reply with what I have been using for a couple of years until I got to the last word in your post.
Sorry, I have been using non-production.
I use (open source) rasPBX, a (open source) FreePBX GUI, to configure (open source) Asterisk.
We have a few registered phones with extension numbers, several unregistered phones that can be dialed-by-callsign,
and 2 POTS numbers for 'phone patches'. Folks can dial-in from POTS numbers and dial the few local AREDN network extensions and
the few registered phones on the local AREDN network can dial-out to POTS North America numbers.

3s, Chuck
Thanks Chuck - that was what
Thanks Chuck - that was what I was looking for and by "production" I meant what you had deployed and were using irrespective of open source or commercial.
Many thanks,
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external gateways (link to other PBXs and services)

Hi. Ken:

Okay, good.
I think I call 'external gateways' 'trunks'.
I have 3 trunks, 2 IAX2 and 1 SIP.

Local registered extensions can dial-by-callsign to local AREDN network advertised-but-unregistered phones.

Notably, 1 trunk is to an international 'Meshphone' service trunked to many other PBXs around the world.
That service offers direct-dialing to about 350 IP phones around the world.
There is also a Hamshack-Hotline gateway service.

Good luck,

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