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PBX to PBX setup resolved

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PBX to PBX setup resolved

Been trying to set up 2 pbx raspi's unit to have them connect with different extensions for possible local growth so we can separate some. 
Currently both units on same network with different IP pointing to each other . and I get all circuits busy.  I have used several instructions 
starting fresh each time but still get same .

The goal will be to move to separate nodes and change the server's ip and reset the phones for new ip connection to server

on the Sip commands show sip channels is this the one I need to show both servers?

Any thoughts welcome

I have the same goal in mind

I have the same goal in mind but not had a chance to experiment yet. I still have two separate PBX so you are further along.

I had this example bookmarked for when the time came.

Have you seen this example yet?

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I did this, but only by stumbling into it

I have RasPBX running on two Raspberry PI 3B+s.
'RasPBX' includes 'FreePBX' (the GUI) and 'Asterisk' (the PBX).
I used an IAX2 trunk because I read somewhere that IAX trunking uses less resources than SIP trunking.
I use one at home for the local mesh and one goes with my 'Go Box' for 'Show and Tell' to small groups.
The home PBX uses 10XX extensions and the Go-Box PBX uses 33XX extensions.

I installed MeshPhone configuration files authored by Mark Herson, N2MH,
which provides additional features.
From those configuration files I was able to configure automatic 4 digit dialing.
From 10XX phones, if 33XX numbers are dialed they get trunked to the 33XX PBX.
From 33XX phones, if 10XX numbers are dialed they get trunked to the 10XX PBX.
Those configuration files also provide many features, among:
Conference call number 'XX93', spoken date and time 'XX92', dial by callsign, dial by 'area code', ...

I will share my configuration files, but I will likely not be able to debug yours. :-|


Thanks Chuck I am happy to start over from a working config file if you dont mind sharing  My email is my call at gmail

I had tried iax2 had no luck so I moved to sip but that was only testing .

Having a pbx for show n tell is also a desire for me we have a Hamfest coming up on the 7th and will have a Table for sharing the word about  MESH


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