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PBE-5AC Support?

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PBE-5AC Support?

I recently received a PBE-5AC-Gen2. Are there any plans or is this already supported as an AREDN node?



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The Atheros 802.11ac chips
The Atheros 802.11ac chips does not yet have support in the open source community for:

1) 5MHz and 10MHz channel support
2) extended freq support for part 97 (hack in 802.11n to work around regulatory limits is insufficient in 802.11ac driver)
3) still has stability defects in 802.11ac adhoc mode (method for Muti-point to Muti-point links), not prime time ready

Over time, in months and years,  these will get worked out, but just not there today.   

It's noteworthy, 802.11ac primary benefits -- increased bandwidth up 80+ MHz channels and antenna-polarizations from 4 up to 8, aren't something a long distance wireless link is able to take advantage of.   Today with 2 polarizations, going to 3 doesn't offer improved thoughput -- the polarizations physically start interfering with one another.   Manufactures don't make dishes to even use the 4 possible in 802.11n.  Same with larger bandwidth, the same power spread across more bandwidth doesn't offer improved thoughput.    But 802.11ac offers significant gain in short distances inside the house. 


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