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Painting a sector antenna

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Painting a sector antenna

So here is a very low tech question, no electronics or firmware updates required.    We are considering the option to place remote solar powered nodes in a variety of out of the way, high elevation locations.   As part of that we would like to employ 'security through obscurity' by, as much as possible, not calling any attention to the installation.    Hence the desire to 'camoflage' the antennas which would likely be the most visible part.   The antenna could be on a pole or attached to the trunk of a tree.   I would assume any paint which does not have a metallic content would be transparent to RF.   Anyone have any experience with artfully decorating their antenna or have a comment.    That largish solar panel will also stand out but could be mounted in a less prominent position.


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I have painted several

I have painted several antennas using Krylon Fusion with much success.

I acquired a few Ubiquiti Nanostations that were discolored from the sun.  You can lightly sand the surface with 500+ grit sandpaper and restore their exterior.  Painted matte black they disappear mounted.  If you are worried about heat from direct sun choose a lighter color.

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I agree. A few years back, we actually did some very informal, hardly scientific tests and decided to use Krylon Fusion based on our results - seemed to be negative effects on 2.4G RF.

- Don - AA7AU

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 Very good question!!

 Very good question!!

...and for whatever reason Ubiquiti uses steel nuts and bolts and other hardware that rust for outdoor equipment!! Why?? ...oh ya cheaper! I'm putting some nodes on a water tower and the Water Department understandably is concerned about rust from our equipment. I'm changing all the above to stainless to cover that issue. Rust stains will give a bad impression on older equipment. Thank you for that! 


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