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Packet storm mitigation patch

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Packet storm mitigation patch
Nightly build 571 hit the streets this morning. It contains the packet storm mitigation patch.
If you're in a medium or large network, or a highly meshed network, and your node passes traffic through itself (i.e., not a end-point), seriously consider using this build.

Orv W6BI
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All tower, tunnel nodes, or

All tower, tunnel nodes, or other prominent hub sites, should install the nightly build.   Darryl K5DLQ installed on the global tunnel server today.  Once the new image is installed, it is encouraged to tunnel connect to other global sites and ramp up the node count.   We do not known how far OSLR will scale up, and worth finding this limit.   A node that has the latest nightly build installed, will no longer forward bogus OLSR messages, and contribute to an OLSR storm event.

You may not always want to be joined to a global AREDN network, to ensure your emcomm support of 'local' incidences does not depend on the internet.  However, participating for a period of time to help find the upper limit, would be helpful.  

Tim KN6PLV, just rolled up the sleeves, dug in, figured out the root cause, and simply submitted the code to fix the OLSR storm issue.  This issue has been blocking the AREDN mesh network from scaling up.  Many thanks to Tim for fixing a major pain many have experienced and spent a lot of time investigating.

Joe AE6XE 

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Testing date?

SFWEM and SoCal will link together.  I'm going to suggest October 30th as the test date.  Seems appropriate. :-)
Maybe other groups can link up that same day.

Orv W6BI

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I have 8 nodes (Chicago) I

I have 8 nodes (Chicago) I can add to the party.  The 30th is as good a day as any for me.  I will need a tunnel log in to participate.

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Yucca Valley nodes

All my nodes are now on 571.  That includes:

There are a small handful of stations in Yucca Valley with equipment pointed at Paxton Hill.  They are running 3.20.3 or later.  None of them are tunnel servers or clients.

We're happy to join the party. laugh

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Patch progress

The SoCal mesh mapper, which detect > 350 nodes, reports that as of today 17.4% of nodes have been updated to 571.   In our fairly linear network, that probably is enough to prevent storms (we'll see).

In a highly-meshed network which provides a storm multiple paths to traverse, a higher percentage of updated nodes may be necessary to squelch a storm.

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