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Options for 120 Deg Sectors

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Options for 120 Deg Sectors
Hello all,

I'm planning several new sites that will be needing the highest power 120 deg sectors on 5ghz available.  We plan to use either Ubiquity AM-5G19-120 powered by Rocket ac R5AC-Lite, or we could use Mikrotik mANT 19S powered by BaseBox 5.

The Rocket has more memory than the BaseBox ... otherwise does anyone have real world experience deploying both and has a preference?  These devices will be completely off limits to us to service hands on, as they will be high up on a large coms tower.  I'm looking for reliability first, then the longest possible service life before obsolescence. 

Any comments welcome.    Ed
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Sector antennas
Both will work well.  For a site as 'inacessible' as yours, Ed, I'd recommend the Rocket due to the 'remote reset' feature of the Ubiquiti POE injector.  In case you need to reset a brain-dead node high up on a tower, the remote reset functions identically to the local reset button on the Rocket.   This feature is unique to Ubiquiti products.  Mikrotik devices don't have any such feature; if a Mikrotik Mantbox locks up high up on a tower, you're in for a climb...

Hope this helps.

Orv W6BI
I hadn't thought of that.  We
I hadn't thought of that.  We'll be powering via a large POE switch in the control room, but the ability to boot from the original POE device with the reset available sure is something worth remembering.  I was already leaning towards the Rocket ac anyway due to the lower noise floor, but this seals the deal for me.

Thanks,  Ed

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