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Option to turn the MESH radio OFF?

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Option to turn the MESH radio OFF?
I have pondered from time to time the utility and need to be able to turn the RF portion of a node completely "OFF".  I have had some situations at times where that could be a useful feature for troubleshooting and some other situations.  I usually deal with this "need" by moving off to an unused channel and dropping the power to the lowest level in the past.  Would there be any memory saving advantages if this were possible??

Currently there is no
Currently there is no supported method for disabling the RF features of an AREDN node and I am not aware of any open feature requests for it. As always if it's a feature you believe is needed a feature request ticket should be opened in bloodhound ( )

As for memory savings, probably not significant direct savings to disabling wifi, there are a few deep internal buffers that could be deallocated but I doubt they consume much.  Indirectly there are a number of programs that would not have to execute if wifi was disabled and those programs may free up some small amounts of memory if disable along with the RF module.
Currently I have a node
Currently I have a node inside my network rack that handles the tunnel connection. This node connects via a trunk port into my main managed switch and is linked via DtD to my tower nodes, all Ethernet. So it would be great if I could turn the radio completely off instead putting RF all over my network equipment.

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Tunnel Nodes
Exactly my point and one of the applications that I was referring to.  My short term solution is to use a Rocket and 2 dummy loads as a Tunnel server.  I have a device that one of the RF chains is blown up already, so this is a great place for it!

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