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ONTARIO Canada community and all Canada

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ONTARIO Canada community and all Canada

ONTARIO Canada community and all Canada
*** please find LOCAL AREDN conversations in this FORUM subgroup ( ONTARIO Canada ) or at the Groups-io. 

Greetings to all.
As many would know I also have been in this space MESH for many years.  Going back to the days of BOB setup of the dishes on top of the repeater building with JIM for the Mississauga Amateur Radio group.

Over the last few years we are having group ZOOM meetings weekly about Mesh or AREDN and face to face 

typically at a coffee shop for an hour in the grid square ( range.

Like many of us I too hope to build the local area Canada, and in total all of Canada however small regional groups may require feedback from many to grow larger.

I also have the 5G dishes units in the center of TORONTO Canada  [ hwy 401 / DVP - land mark toronto ]  facing East and West.    With numerous recent chats (5 years) with Matt VE3OY about the subject going back to 2018.

15years / real-time contact TWITTER ::

AREDN Mesh Network

CANADA discussion. (groups-io)

see wiki   (a fantastic groups w/ZOOM calls)
MAP:     (created link)
Firmware downloads:     (created link)
Compatibility hardware:    (created link)

another small blog, yes one of many.


HAMSHACK HOTLINE (VoIP telephone aredn)  --  HHUX //  HHUS // HHX   (using some ATA)

we are all over the place and not connecting.
* started 1998

mE (A.)


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