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One PBE400 (not AC) won't accept new update

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One PBE400 (not AC) won't accept new update

PBE M5 400 won't accept aredn- This exact file has been used to successfully upgrade 2 other PBE M5 400 (and I upgraded my hAP AC2 and a PBE M5 AC 400 no problem, with the correct file of course, not the one listed).

It reports as shown in attached screen cap

I have downloaded the support file if needed
(edit: I should add it is currently running quite happily)

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Other methods
Try taking it to as an interim step.
If that approach fails, you can enable the "Dangerous Upgrade Disable" in Advanced Configuration, since you know it's the right file for that node.

Orv W6BI
AH6LE didn't take either. didn't take either. Going to try your 2nd option. Thanks for the idea
Does the SSH method

Does the SSH method (sysupgrade -n xxx.bin) use the enforcement as well? I ask because I tried upgrading that way and get the following results:

root@AH6LE-CHEHALEM-NORTH:~/tmp# sysupgrade -n aredn-
Mon Sep 18 12:00:27 PDT 2023 upgrade: Device ubnt,rocket-m-xw not supported by this image
Mon Sep 18 12:00:27 PDT 2023 upgrade: Supported devices: ubnt,powerbeam-m5-xw
Image check failed.

This radio does report as an XW

root@AH6LE-CHEHALEM-NORTH:~/tmp#  more /tmp/sysinfo/board_model reports:

As does hardware_type

I'm stumped


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sysupgrade -h
-n           do not save configuration over reflash
-F | --force
                 Flash image even if image checks fail, this is dangerous
Hi, Ken:

sysupgrade -F aredn-

73, Chuck

Think I'll make sure I have a

Think I'll make sure I have a later version POE injector for that one (with the reset button - not all have them) before I do this.
If this bricks the pbe400, the only reasonable way to get to it is with a bucket truck!.

I've never run across this issue before and I've flashed plenty of AREDN nodes!. Live and learn!

Using the -F switch worked.
Using the -F switch worked. Interestingly, it will STILL not accept an update via the web interface

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