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OmniDirectional Antennas

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OmniDirectional Antennas
Hello forum,

I've noticed that many OmniDirectional mesh antennas are being flagged on the device matrix as obsolete, or likely to become obsolete.

I've got several cases for a powerful Omnidirectional antenna where we need a short length (less than 1km) distance through obstacles.  We can deploy either 2.4 or 5 ghz, and perhaps go with small bandwidth for increased Link Quality (over speed).

Is there anything that could work and will be supported?

Thank you,
Ed   K7EOK
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I dont think the antennas are
I dont think the antennas are being flagged, rather the HW is being flagged.

The amo-5g13, amo-5g10, amo-2g13 Omni antennas all have the rocket style bracket. If your sites use an "amo" antenna, you should have no problem upgrading from a Rocket M5 to a Rocket M5 AC when the time comes.

de KJ6DZB 

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