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omni down angle

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omni down angle
I'm currently using an omni that has the elevation profile shown in the image. The maximum signal is between 0 and -10 degrees from the horizontal. For the distances between nodes this 5 degree down angle is problematic. It would be ideal if this were exactly 0. I'm having trouble find a an antenna in the 8 - 12 dBi range that radiates horizontal. Can someone recommend a product? -mikeu
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You did not say which band you want to use. 

If it is 2.4 GHz then I can suggest the L-Com HG2410DPU

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Yes, I'm looking for 2.4 GHz and that looks like it will work well. Thanks.

Other suggestions would be welcome as I'm shopping around.

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I'm assuming you looked at the ubiquiti omni antennas as well?

I have one for 5GHz at 250ft AGL. It isn't that great at ground level close within 0.5 miles, but at that range I still have plenty of SNR so no real-world problems. 
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The AMO-2G10 has 4 degree
The AMO-2G10 has 4 degree downtilt and the AMO-2G13 has 2 degree downtilt. With our terrain and the sites where we are installing it would be desirable to have 0 downtilt. -mikeu

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