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olsr-topology-view for network maps?

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olsr-topology-view for network maps?

I recall using olsr-topology-view with earlier iterations of the software.

The plugin installed properly on localnode, but the perl script doesn't run correctly on my Linux host.   It returns

'is the olsrd_dot_draw plugin loaded and configured to allow connections from this host?'

In looking at the script, it seems like it wants to use port 2004.  I used nmap against localnode and found that it's not listening on that port.

Does anything need to be done to make this script work with the b02 beta code?




The xinetd package was

The xinetd package was missing in b02 IIRC (its in the current alpha builds that the devs use) which is needed for the olsr-topology to be available on the network.

If your node is connected to the internet you can install the package from the dropdown package list by selecting xinetd otherwise you can manually load this file onto the node

I am on b04 and having the

I am on b04 and having the same problem as the OP.  I do not see olsrd-mod-dot-draw in the download package list. However, it does appear in the remove list, but is grayed out there as 0.6.7-bbhn-4

I tried adding the xinetd package but the link is broken and it does not appear in the package list.

Any ideas?

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 Arden Im noticing that the

 Arden Im noticing that the dot draw plug in is only accepting connections from the node its self on 2003 not 2004, so a quick mod to olsrd config and and it accepting from on 2003.

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