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OLSR Restarts

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OLSR Restarts
I have an AirRouter running 3.16.1 and am seeing an increased number of OSLR restarts on the home page. Any ideas on this?

OLSR restarts
runtime    1
1 - 03:35:40


Watchdog kicked in and made
Watchdog kicked in and made sure everything was still running.

Considering it's already been 3 hours the odds are the logs have already expired on any data.

Its only been restarted once (3 hours prior). If the device has been up for significantly logger then that then it could be a one off, something maybe didn't process right, or in some cases maybe a config save (causing OLSR to restart) at just the wrong moment.  Another option is if this is right after start it can mean that the watchdog kicked in before OLSR fully started.

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