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OLSR restarts?

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OLSR restarts?

I'm seeing this text on a nanobridge M5 status page:

OLSR restarts 1
runtime 2 - 05:12:36
OLSR Restarts ARHP

Here is a support dump on ARHP.

I notice you are running

I notice you are running additional non-standard software on the node (meshchat) along with running tunnels as well.
It is possible the node is being overloaded by being tasked with too many responsibilities or that there is a flaw in the addon software.

Can you please reset the node to fresh-installed state (Press and hold the reset button for 15 seconds) and see if the issue can be reproduced when you do not install add on software (meshchat). Note:You will need to re-configure the node after this.


I did a reset of the ARHP.  I got one OLSR restart after about 6 ish hours.  Since then it has not had an OLSR restart.  It has been over two days with no restarts.
Would you like me to load Meshchat to see if the problem comes back?  I will leave the Tunnels not installed.
Here is a support data file from after the one restart that I had.


You can give it a shot yes.

You can give it a shot yes. If the issues come
back at least then itnwouldnbe known it's meshchat and its programmer could look into it.

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