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Official AREDN Map - updates

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Official AREDN Map - updates

Just a list of changes I have done to the official AREDN map page recently.

The Official AREDN Map can be found here:
This should not be confused with my other MeshMap project. They are 2 different things.

(newest first)

Dec 2020

  • added "autorefresh" button. clicking this control will autorefresh the page every 10 minutes
  • added a small "help" message at the bottom left. (the link points to this sub-forum)

Nov 2020

  • added a "spiderfy" effect to overlapping markers, they will "pop out" from each other now, no need to separate devices using coordinates any longer. This effect only works at higher zoom levels (> 13), you have to be zoomed in pretty far for it to activate. When the effect is active a message will be shown at top center of the map.
  • added a "search and zoom" feature, to allow search for a device. Click on it and start typing to find a node by callsign or whatever.

I will try to keep this up to date from now on.

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Thank you!  This is great

Thank you!  This is great software.  Thanks for your contributions to the ham community.

A thought, I modified CSS to dim the map layer so that the paths stand out more:

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That's my MeshMap program.
I was talking about something else here, and I hope I clarified the original post, but still, Thank You! smiley
I see what you did and I guess I should move the link opacity settings out into the user-settings.ini file so that people can change it easily.
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Fantastic MAP Enhancements! @ERIC
Excellent upgrades Eric! Really loving the "expand" feature on nodes at same location.  Now to work on cleaning these "old" entries up!  Do you have any good ideas on how we can do this without putting a big load on the AREDN folks yet maintaining integrity?  We have some old nodes listed that are no longer available to re-publish due to a variety of reasons (mostly due to lightning).
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Unfortunatly, no.

I don't deal with the backend database of the AREDN map, I only wrote the page to display the map smiley, but I am sure it could be done.
The problem is how to open that up to users without having it totally abused... "I don't like this guy so I will go delete all his nodes, that'll show him"
Yeah, we all roll our eyes at that, but it is still something that has to be thought of in this day and age.
Darryl might have more to say about that tho.

Glad you like the changes! Thanks!

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Pardon on confusing the two
Pardon on confusing the two (Official AREDN Map vs MeshMap).  Thanks for the clarity.

Maybe a similar method to authenticate hams that APRS uses.  An APRS passcode system is not foolproof, but it might be "good enough".  Just brainstorming, here.
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Hi Tom,
Hi Tom,
As you probably know, as long as the node is still functional, you can clear out the lat/lon values and "Submit" that change to easily remove a node from the AREDN map.

If the node is non-functional, probably easiest to just post in this forum that you wish to remove a node (or nodes).  Give the exact name of the node and MAC address if available.


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