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NWPA - Erie County

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NWPA - Erie County
Planning on setting up a node and trying to get some clubs in the area to do the same. Not sure how successful I'll be but hoping there's more than 2 people in Erie County interested in AREDN.
N3WUT - Edinboro

I have always been interested in setting up a node as well. Just doesnt seem to be enough interest.

Mercer County
I don't believe I have a active node in my county either. Might be time to start a new trend...
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You two are 13 miles apart.   Given the topography of that area you're probably not line of sight.  But if you found a water tower or tall building someplace in between to put a relay node you might be able to make it work.  Barring that, you could always set up a tunnel in between.  It's the "AREDN Starter Kit" :-D

What equipment do you recommend?

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Equipment Recommendations
 I wrote up a Beginners' Guide that has some recommendations.  Take a look at it:
If you have specific questions drop me a note:

Orv W6BI
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13.5 miles, 120 feet ... 130 feet elevation
Our longest link of 13.5 miles is a pair of Mikrotik LHG-HP5-XLs .
60-80 TxMbps Summer
80-100 TxMbps Winter.
Currently the Mikrotik RBLHGG-5acD-XL would be similar.

73, Chuck
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I almost forgot about this post.

Finally getting some other hams in Erie County, PA interested in using AREDN.

Linked here is a basic overview of some of the main repeaters and digital networks in the Erie County/NWPA area.

RAE repeater committee is exploring adding AREDN links to our 61/440 and 82 repeaters making digital links to combine the repeater coverage and maybe eventually linking most of the main repeaters.

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