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NWO AREDN Users Committee Formed

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NWO AREDN Users Committee Formed

A formal committee has been formed to facilitate AREDN Mesh Networks in N.W.Ohio (and hopefully S.E.Mich as well).

This Committee is operating under the Authority of Lucas County ARES. It is a Non-club affiliated Committee, meaning that ANY interested person, regardless of club affiliation is welcome.

The Committee started its work in late June of 2019 and has been meeting monthly. Up until this point our work has been primarily structural. We have named and formed the Committee, we have appointed Officers and created a mission Statement. We have established a Web Based information source (see the end of this post for more info) and created operational standards, for both Operations and Equipment.  We are offering those Standards to others in the State. We have  appointed specific committee members to assist other members with installing the AREDN firmware on compatible devices. We have kept records of our work and created after action reports of the Mesh Deployments we have been involved in so far. We have created a clear set of both short and long term Goals.  

In the near future we will be working with local clubs to offer presentations on AREDN Mesh and the plans and activities of this committee.  We will publish a list of suggested Equipment for those that want to get involved in Mesh Networking.  We will soon start offering monthly educational meetings (or "play dates") in the Toledo area to cover various topics, such as: AREDN software familiarity, fabricating CAT5 cables, constructing a AREDN Mesh "Go-Kit", etc.  

Normal meetings of this committee are on Saturday mornings immediately following the Lucas County ARES monthly meeting.  See our Groups.IO page calendar for dates.

You can find and sign-up for the North West Ohio AREDN  Mesh Committee on Groups-IO at this Web Address.

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