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NSM2 Update Failure

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NSM2 Update Failure

I have two new NSM2 units XM v5.6.2 and tried to load the 5.5 version in preparation for AREDN.
I can UPLOAD the software ( but when I click UPDATE  it goes to the rolling donut and "PLEASE WAIT - UPDATING FIRMWARE and just hangs with the updating firmware message. I have tried this several times on both units and they hang with no success for over 30 minutes.  If I retransmit the URL if comes up as the XM v5.6.2.

Any thoughts appreciated.

Vance - KC8RGO

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Have you ruled out a browser

Have you ruled out a browser issue by trying a different one to attempt the upgrade??
(Firefox, Chrome, IE, Edge, Safari, etc)

I got it programmed - I

I got it programmed - I switched from IE to Chrome on WIN10 and it worked.  Thanks, I had tried chrome last night with no success, but then today is a NEW day.  :)  I had always used IE on previous AREDN loads and it worked fine.


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