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NSM2 revert to UBNT

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NSM2 revert to UBNT

I have reflashed my NSM2 XM from AREDN to UBNT.  (both AirOS 6.x and 5.6.)
I cannot see it on my WiFi network selection.  Bandwidth is set at 20.  The power light is ON and LAN1 light flashes.  All seems normal, but no signal lights come on so it appears that the WiFi radio is off.  Nothing found in the Forum.

Any thoughts appreciated - was running fine under latest released AREDN.

Thanks, Vance - KC8RGO

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Once AirOS is booted and

Once AirOS is booted and running:

1) configure your computer with a static IP address, e.g.
2) browse to the device ""


AIRMAX ENABLE Checkbox - heads up

I spent a few hours reflashing my NSM2 XM from AREDN back to AIROS 6.2 and I could not get it to be accessible from PC, Smartphone or tablet. I was able to see it on the WiFi pop up, but could not connect to it successfully.
There is a parameter called AIRMAX Enable which when checked will limit access to the device from ONLY other AirMax devices. I finally read the book and unchecked the AirMax - life is now good.

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