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Not appearing on map

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Not appearing on map
Hi, just wondering if anyone knows what I'm doing wrong and why I'm not showing on the map? I've submitted a few different times the past few weeks. I'm putting long, lat, and grid square. When I submit I do get the update notification.

Here are the screen shots
Here are the screen shots
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try again... 
try again... (I fixed some errors in the map generation code)
Thank you I see myself now :)
Thank you I see myself now :)
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No Map Updates 1/12/2014?
Looks like map updates are failing again this morning - multiple versions of latest Nightly firmware 20240112.  Seems to work with N-20240111. Update - just updated with N-20240112 on HAP.  May be issues with high node count on our system >1100 nodes.  Timing issue? Update #2 - appears to be working with my HAP N-20230112 @22:30 CST.
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I renamed my NC8Q-hAP to NC8Q-hAP1
I renamed my NC8Q-hAP to NC8Q-hAP1 because
I got and 2nd hAP-lite...named NC8Q-hAP2.
So, I thought I would upload and update the old NC8Q-hAP in the map.
Instead, the hAP remained and hAP1 was added.
eth1      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr 26:B1:DB:83:B6:CE  
wlan0     Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr CC:2D:E0:D9:5D:C0  
I wonder if Darryl uses a MAC as a unique field in the database.


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