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(Northern VA) AREDN-in-the-Park on 6/10/2018

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(Northern VA) AREDN-in-the-Park on 6/10/2018

A group of several dozen hams in Northern Virginia have been examining AREDN technology and potential applications for our area.  Several mesh "islands" have been set up for permanent testing with plans to expand to more sites.  Focus thus far has been on field operation and planning for more permanent infrastructure.

The group has scheduled their first AREDN-in-the-Park field test activity for Sunday, June 10, at Bull Run Regional Park in Centreville, VA (map).  This location was chosen because it offers varied terrain, including some very large fields for testing microwave links.  They have reserved Shelter #11 at the park for the day, beginning at 9 AM.  This is the first shelter on the right if you continue straight after the gate house.   All area hams are invited to visit or participate, and there is no fee to enter the park for residents of Arlington, Fairfax and Loudoun Counties, or the Cities of Alexandria, Fairfax and Falls Church.  

The upcoming AREDN-in-the-Park activity will be a great opportunity for exposure to AREDN and mesh equipment will be deployed on (at least) 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz.  We will be able to accommodate a larger group and can spread out around the park as needed for testing, so feel free to invite a friend or your club membership to come check it out.  No experience or equipment necessary; we will have a conventional WiFi access point available for guests to access the mesh resources from a laptop, smartphone.  Contact Ben Mills N4CV (PM or "" email address) with questions or for more details, or discuss on this forum.

How did the AREDN-In-the-Park

How did the AREDN-In-the-Park event go?

Hampton VA
Greetings all,

I have setup a Rocket M2 using a sector antenna pointed 16 deg. North towards City Hall.  I am located in Hampton Virginia, (Buchanan Drive 23669) If anyone in the area wishes to try a link up please do. The node name is K4LCT-M2-N. It is currently connected to the internet and Tunnel server ready if interested tunneling in as well. Just email me and I will provide the necessary information.  73's
what channel are you on -2?  does your IP end in 19.91 for the node?  I was looking at the City Hall Node to see if it heard you.

73  Darrell


Channel: -2
Width: 5Mhz  yes ends in 19.91
Seems signal is too weak to maintain a link established. I tried adjusting but will not maintain a link.

ok understood
I bet your getting blocked the  devices are on front side of roof .  .
That's probably it. What
That's probably it. What about the node at the Red Cross. Any other around I should be trying?

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