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North Whittier between the 60 and 605 Freeways

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North Whittier between the 60 and 605 Freeways
Hello all,

Looking to take the plunge and buy a Ubiquiti radio and join in the fun.

I have great line of sight to my north with no obstructions to Mt. Wilson and JPL. I am on a hill with a clear unobstructed viw from Azusa to Pasadena to the north of me.

I believe I am in the shadow of one of the Whittier Hills to my southeast that would preclude me from hitting Pleasants Peak.

I need some advice. I'm looking for the best bang for my buck as I start out here and I believe that my best bet is a 2.4G link to JPL from here.

My interest is in setting up a permanent link from here and provide some basic services with a Ubuntu server. 

Do you think JPL is my best bet?

What Ubiquiti radio would you suggest?

My budget is about 100 bucks to get started.

Thanks in advance for any advice you can provide.


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It should be a piece of cake to connect in from your QTH to JPL coverage at 15.3 miles, unless some nasty tree is blocking your line.    This is 5Ghz coverage and a NanoBridge M5 would do the trick.  It so happens that I have such a device in Pasadena area with KF6RTA QTH (a 5-pack purchase sort of thing).   You are welcome to pick up and test out.  If you decide you want to keep it, then reimburse me the $50 cost.  Otherwise, it is a bit closer to my QTH to pick up :) .  Only logistic may be that I don't think it comes with a POE brick as I recall.


Thanks Joe. This is exactly
Thanks Joe. This is exactly what I was hoping to hear. If I can round up a power injector I will get in touch with you.

Thanks again!
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Re: North Whittier between the 60 and 605 Freeways


We ended up ordering new Nanobridge M5s through ebay, so they include injectors.  When I get back, we can connect to get a unit to you.   I'm on vacation on the east coast at the moment.  Please contact me after the 15th via my email address on and we will see what we can do.

We encourage you to hook up via the mesh nodes at JPL!

-Jonathan   KF6RTA

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