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Noob on the loose

Hello all,

I am as green as they come and will be open to any beating that I may receive. That said I have started down the road of AREDN and really like it so far. I had some good luck early on taking it for a test drive but have ran into what may be a simple to you snag but has left me scratching my head. When I try to log into the setting menu is says that "you connection to this site is not private" What is it that I fowled up to cause this?

Thank you?

If i posted this in the wrong place please let me know!!

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KF7VOL,  I suspect this is

KF7VOL,  I suspect this is due to the conflict of part 97 rules around not obscuring messages from years past and today's technology evolution of data communications where message security is expected.  Thus, we end up with a mesh node using "http" and a browser expecting "https".  Look for a "more information" or other link on the page to click through, to attest that you understand the risks to proceed.  


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