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Just starting out and want get good equipment that will be future proof. I am looking at some AC equipment but I know they're not supported at the moment, hopefully around Christmas time I've read.
Would it be worth the wait if I have a good deal on an AirMax Litebeam AC gen2 or TPlink CPE710? Or should I just say screw it and get something that will work now?

I've touched base with the local group and they suggested I post here :)


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future proof .vs. act now
Carpe diem.

Haha.. thanks Chuck!
Haha.. thanks Chuck! Steep learning curve for a brand new ham. Take care and stay safe. Jesse
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No point in waiting for AC
The 802.11ac devices won't be any faster then the 802.11n devices, so there's is no point in waiting for them.  And once they are AREDN-compatible, they will interoperate with the 802.11n devices.
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Nearby nodes

Hello Jesse,

Welcome to the rabbit hole.

The node closest to you is VA3QT-ARAA-150-Barrie running 2.4 Ghz.   You may want to reach out to the owner to discuss how he has his node pointed.

The nodes in the Toronto area may be a bit far of a reach.  You can use this tool to map out some hypothetical equipment links between yourself and nearby nodes:

If you're in a mesh island like I am, you may want to just get the  HAP AC Lite for now and get a tunnel into VA3QT or one of the nodes in the Toronto area.  Check the map:

If you're all alone, a direction antenna isn't going to help you much.  Consider building out a network with neighbors in you area.  A good way to find possible interested parties is to check for local stations.  You could also try your local ham clubs.

The forums are a great resource of knowledge.  Reach out frequently!



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