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Node Update

Hi Everyone, greetings from the Gold Coast Australia.

We continue to make some progress here with our VK AREDN node and a big thanks to Eddie, Gordon and Mark and Ruud for all their assistance in helping us understand things, and most importantly, get things configured and working.

1/ We updated our router to handle more capacity and as of yesterday our CPU was 20% utilised under load, we are happy with that.

2/We have VOIP running with thanks to Mark's extensive pabx skills.   My number here is 161 8005 and we have allocated number ranges to Martin VK4YOI who is connected to us. Martin has also been very helpful to getting things running.

3/ Finally got MESHCHAT going (thanks Eddie!) and I believe ( could be wrong) we might be the first VK node with Meshchat....seems to be working great.

4/ Tunnels are all stable and the network here is working well.  Clearly the name of the game is to build RF links and we will be working towards that as we entice more users to AREDN here in the region.

5/ We are running a Pi emulator at the moment (on a NUC) but have ordered a Pi to start playing with. This runs our local PABX software. We have installed YEALINK SIP phones, one a videophone.

Again a big thanks to all the guys who have helped us get this node running and working.

Im just reaching out to any other VK's interested in AREDN so if you are in Australia and would like to get more information or connect, please make contact!

David , VK4PUP

Nice work David!

Nice work David!

I am doing (and recording ) an aredn pres for the club in the net 2 months or so. It will relevant to aus - as you know we have some kinks around channels and bands and our licences etc.

More than happy for you to share so that others can have a primer to get interested.



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Welcome Wade

Aredn Australia continues to grow, albeit slowly, so welcome WADE VK1MIC from the ACT!!  Wade is welcome addition to the growing group and so the Aussie Aredn Team wants to hear from any other interested Amateurs who would like to be involved in the AREDN project as we continue to push to grow local interest!! We would love to hear from you.

We have had great support from our good friends in New Zealand and the USA (thanks guys!) and we have successfully got meshchat, VOIP and some camera streaming services happening.  Im working on teamtalk on my end here.  Wade already has the jump on this and has it going!  :-)    We have established a facebook page called AREDN ENTHUSIASTS AUSTRALIA to also spread local interest here.  Thanks to everyone who has helped out our small but enthusiastic group in getting things rolling in VK.      

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It's a nit, but it's AREDN, not ARDEN.  You can remember it because it's an acronym for Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network.  Please take no offense, it's much better to correct it now than to see it further promulgated.    ;-)

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My bad..

My bad...fixed now..sorry, thats whats happens when you type at 4am in the morning when you are tired  :-)

VK3 Node

Hi Guys

Just to let you know I should have a VK3 node up this week. Part of the hardware has been sourced, enough to get the first AP up, and should be configuring this week. Great to see fellow VK's up and on the air. Have been playing with the old HSMM with WRT54G's for a while now.

Would also be interested in connecting to a tunnel server in the coming weeks to extend the reach.

Will post when the node is up, hope to get it on the map.



The node is now in a testing

The node is now in a testing configuration at the moment and now shows on the AREDN map.



Any documentation or videos of your installs?

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