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Node to Node Short Messaging App

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Node to Node Short Messaging App

Looking to see if there is interest in a feature to add to the AREDN FW and raising idea in requested features area

A short form node to node text messaging window for engineering communications and potentially emergency communications where no meshchat server can be reached. Recognize needs to be simple to keep code space requirements low in MESH Units

Regards Ted ZL2TB

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Do you mean just point to point?

Do you mean just point to point from node to node, or from your node to another's node through the mesh network?
I love MeshChat - so much, but I would support this if it was very lightweight. It seems like the 32MB devices are even getting crowded for space.
I'd still love to get a light-weight version of iperf to be placed in the base AREDN FW. For those persons who set up or manage AREDN networks, especially core infrastructure, I wish everybody had a compatible version of iperf or iperfSpeed on their node. It would help folks regulate a bit more - SNR isn't everything - iperf is a must when near urban areas.
But to your lightweight chat function - I'm for it.

-Damon K9CQB   

Yes just node to node over

Yes just node to node over the MESH within AREDN FW simple text to permit engineering messages without the need to access a server. It would also provide a basic tool to get comms going if server based communication is not available. I know there is space pressure some I'm advocating only a simple text box style
Ted ZL2TB in Wgtn NZ where we have 37 active nodes (today) and a few tunnels

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