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Node map update attempts failing + OMS download not reachable

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Node map update attempts failing + OMS download not reachable
Trying to update the map with my nodes and despite trying several methods, 3 different firmwares, and from multiple computers I get the same failure each time.

- Update location and "Apply now". 
- AREDN responds: 
        Gridsquare updated.
        Lat/lon updated.

- I then click "show map", looks correct. 
- Then click "Upload data", which tries to upload and then fails after 20-30 seconds with:
        Configuration NOT saved!
         ERROR: Cannot update online map.

This occurs whether done directly via a lan port to the gateway aredn device or from a device attached to an AP off of one of the other nodes. 

All nodes have confirmed working WAN access through the gateway. I can access any and all sites through the mesh including this one. 

No firewall log entries, though I would expect the map update is just an outbound connection?

Any input would be appreciated, this used to work in the past. I've tried current FW, the nightly build, and also with as a test. 

So I then decided to try OMS, and the download link times out. The bitly redirects to which also times out. 

We are bring 2 radio nodes on air in Atlanta, one at a moderatly high site so we want to get these on the maps. Any pointers appreciated!

Alan KM4BA
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ERROR: Cannot update online map.
Feels like the former historical static online map is, well, history and
is being replaced with the live dynamic 'World' map.

73, Chuck

So the live world map is the
So the live world map is the one I'm trying to update. How does that occur?

I made a (probably invalid) assumption that the update location menu would update the new dynamic world map. 

Is it network based only? Which would imply unless I had rf neighbors that there must be some other way to update it?

Thanks for any pointers
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John, the update location is used with the legacy map (which only shows those nodes whose owners bother to register them).  It hasn't been well maintained and may have died.

The World Map ( shows all those nodes that are reachable by the mapper.  Currently yours isn't one.   For the moment, consider tunneling to another node in your area.     There's no George regional forum yet so you can just ask in the Deployment forum if someone will provide a tunnel for you.  W4JJN is about 10 miles east, and there's a lot of activity in the Atlanta area.

Hope this helps.

Orv W6BI
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The live World Map is network based.
"Is it network based only?
Which would imply unless I had rf neighbors that there must be some other way to update it?"

Hi, Alan:

Yes, the new World Map is network based.
To get your node or network on the map, find a network that is already on the map and
establish a RF, DtD, or tunnel connection with that network.

73, Chuck

Thanks Orv and Chuck for the
Thanks Orv and Chuck for the explanation. I understand the change in direction and from a maintenance / network perspective it makes complete sense. It might be worth putting a blurb on the map info page that the old map and update method has been completely depreciated as I incorrectly assumed that the update function still worked with the new map. I guess our high site will remain off the map until we get some neighbors or find a way to beam internet to it. Which we hope to do. I have a great path to the high site from my qth except for rows of 100 ft trees :-) I've got queries out to the Georgia folks I could find. They have a mailing list.
It looks like the old map is

It looks like the old map is more, correct?  It was the one at this URL:

If it is gone, I will miss it, as it would show our local nodes after I ran OMS.exe.  I could also specify the zoom and part of the map to display in the URL, such as:

By the way, none of our mesh nodes have Internet access on the RF, but OMS.exe worked fine from a Windows machine I have that does have Internet access.

For me, the "AREDN® World Map / Current known locations of AREDN® nodes" shows none of our local nodes.  

Maybe I'm missing something?  For security and assured Part 97 compliance, our local mesh participants have agreed to not have any Internet connection on the mesh RF.  Does that mean we will no longer be shown on any map now?  However, I still use Doug's Topologr (v0.1b5) on a daily basis to access local nodes and see their status.

- Mike AB4YY

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The legacy map wasn't deliberately disabled; looks like it's biusted.   We'll have someone look at it.

As far as showing up on the World Map.  Someone on your network will need to establish a tunnel to someone nearby that is on the network.  In that way nodes on your network can be reached by the World Map's mapper.    Ask for a tunnel in the VA forum; see if someone can help you.

Orv W6BI
Thanks for the reply, Orv.  I
Thanks for the reply, Orv.  I'll check into it.
- Mike Ab4YY
Looks like everything in
Looks like everything in /usercontent on the web site is not functional. 

I'm trying to sort in my head priorities. I understand the intent/desire of the live map and the hassle of dead nodes still showing. 

Then again, in sparse RF AREDN areas (like ours), there are a bunch of no-radio nodes, and very few radio nodes showing. My bet is they do not have tunnels, etc. They might have a chance on the legacy map. 

The issue is on most of our high sites we have to pipe in internet, which is not always possible. ATL and in particular NW ATL had nearly all the commercial high sites bought out by American Tower or similar and many repeaters have lost their sites or are in that process. 

We may be able to get LOS for an airmax ptp link between the AREDN high site and a private repeater site which has internet. While the AREDN site has clear LOS to metro ATL, to the N and NE it has many ridges/trees to deal with. So it's not as easy to get these things linked up. I'm hoping I can hand a ham which is close to the site (down the hill) an AREDN package and get it on the WAN. 

Hopefully the legacy map is only mostly dead and it (and OMS) will come back for a bit. Both are excellent tools!
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not have any Internet connection on the mesh RF.

Hi, Mike:

There is a significant difference between:
Allow my LAN devices to access my WAN - ON by default
Allow other MESH nodes to use my WAN - not recommended and OFF by default

I recommend both defaults.

"Does that mean we will no longer be shown on any map now?"

You are not on the World Map because your node is not connected to a network
that is connected to a SUPERNODE.
You are not on my maps because there is no connection between us.
W4RAT and N1VCU in Richmond, VA, are on my SUPERNODE map:
If we were linked via RF ('mesh' as an RF thingy instead of a topology) or
DtD, or wireguard tunnel,
your node would be on my map and the World Map.

73, Chuck
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The issue is
Hi, Alan:

"The issue is"...only the tunneled nodes (without an RF or DtD connection)
in your network need internet access.
If any one of the nodes in your network links with a node already on the World Map,
then the rest of your entire network will be on the map.

73, Chuck

Thanks Chuck, that is
Thanks Chuck, that is understood and desirable from a dynamic spanning tree type map. 

But building out AREDN in a fairly large county without radio neighbors at a site with no internet access still means we will not be on the map unless we can find a path to add a WAN node to get internet. We'll sort it... but I think you are hearing the current approach probably understates actual nodes as standalone (no internet/WAN) will not ever show. 

I like trees normally, but without them I'd already have this on a WAN node :-) 
The legacy maps and the
The legacy maps and the content sections appears to be working again. Thanks for whoever repaired that. The switch specifics in the content section was also very helpful. I've been using a unifi switch as a wan port for a long time, but now trying to set up a tough switch for a high site and the tough switch is a completely different beast. Required a different way of thinking. The docs helped!

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