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No WAN on GL-AR300M16-ext

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No WAN on GL-AR300M16-ext
I have a GL-AR300M16-ext node where I loaded the AREDN firmware V3.23.4.0 some months ago and it was working fine.through a tunnel.

I needed to rearrange things in my shack so I powered off the node and unplugged all.  Then I got a note from the person hosting the Tunnel Server I used that he had made changes and I needed to change accordingly.  I reconnected and powered on.  When I tried to use my node, I checked for any firmware updates and see "Error: no route to Host."  I checked the node status page and see WAN Address: none.  I connected another computer (Raspberry Pi running Pi OS) to the Ethernet cord connected to the WAN port and it worked fine so I believe I have a WAN connection available.

I tried Failsafe Feature by pressing and holding the reset button for 5 seconds or so I thought.  I got a firstboot configuration, so I started entering info starting with node name and password.  That got me going again but I still have no WAN connection.  On Basic Setup, WAN protocol is DHCP.

Any suggestions on how to restore the WAN connection?  Or is my AR300M16 WAN port dead?

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