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Nightly Build 936.XXXglusb150.bin

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Nightly Build 936.XXXglusb150.bin

Subject nightly build for the glusb150 will not load. I tried it three times and receive the following message each time:

Firmware CANNOT be updated
the uploaded file is not recognized
Failed to restart all services, please reboot this node.
current version: 914-b0bc20b
hardware type: (gl-usb150)

Anyonthers with same problem?
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LK7VK,  I just downloaded the

LK7VK,  I just downloaded the 936 build image and upgraded a USB microrouter with success.    Possibly a partial download of the image?


Joe, I did not get 936 to

Joe, I did not get 936 to flash in any of my 4 glusb150 s but got up early this morning and saw that NB 942 was published so what the hey? I will try that. Was able to upgrade to 942 without incident.
On the 936 upgrade I use two computers, two different browsers, deleted cash on each and rebooted both computers to start fresh but nothing worked. Guess I was not supposed to have 936 according to the IT Gods, lol.
Be safe es 73,

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Glad to hear it is working. 

Glad to hear it is working.   If someone hasn't created an acronym for such unexplained situations, one needs to be created.  Sometimes we just never know. How about, Unexplained Gotcha in High-tech (Ugh!)? 


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NWTMT Not Working Today Maybe Tomorrow?!?

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