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Nightly Build 1000-3324ce8 and iperf

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Nightly Build 1000-3324ce8 and iperf

I have Nightly Build  aredn-1000-3324ce8-ubnt-nano-m-sysupgrade on a NanoStation XM M2.
The problem is that I can't seem to get iperfSpeed running.
These are the iperf files I loaded:
1 uclibcxx_0.2.4-3_mips_24kc
2 iperf_2.0.12-2_mips_24kc
3 iperf3_3.5-1AREDN_mips_24kc
4 iperfspeed_0.5_all
I can see the files loaded OK, but there is no advertised service.
I did reboot after loading the 4 files.
Wondering what I missed?

Update: If I add IpeerfSpeed manually as an Advertised Service it appears to work OK.

R/Don, KM4DC


Don, I just recently moved

Don, I just recently moved from iperf version 2 to version 3 and at the same time from Iperfspeed ver. 0.3 to 0.5.  All installs went well on old as well as new nodes.

For the new install, only 2 packages are needed:

uclibcxx_0.2.4-3 is apparently not used with the new version.  So with old nodes running the old version, I first remove/uninstall uclibcxx_0.2.4-3.  I don't remember if I did a reboot before doing the new install or now.  Anyway, I upgraded a bunch of nodes successfully.

For old nodes where some applications have been removed then re-installed sometimes the advertisement doesn't show up and I have had to manually add that.  The easiest way is to look at how the advertisement is installed on another node then copy it to the new node.

I hope this is of some help to you.
- Mike ab4yy

PS - Just in case someone finds errors in the above, I can say I'm not an expert but the above works for me.  :)

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Nightly Build 1000-3324ce8 and iperf
Thanks Mike!
Good to know.
Don, KM4DC

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