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Niagara MESH -1

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Niagara MESH -1

Thank you for adding this Region to the Forum
VE3PLF-100 Fonthill, ON
This is what we see!!!!!

Current Neighbors    LQ NLQ    Services Previous Neighbors When

VA3KGS-B-L.local.mesh   87% 100%    
VE3XNC-R.local.mesh   76% 88%    
 dot.pngstealthb.local.mesh   Niagara Files
Va3KGS-B-stella.local.mesh   100% 100%    
va3yyz-100.local.mesh   100% 100%   Camera-4
 dot.pngcamera.local.mesh   Camera-5
ve3mis-rptr-to-fonthill-ub-A.local.mesh   73% 88%    
ve3prc-omni-ub-A.local.mesh   11% 0%    

VE3NCF-EAST 1.6 hours ago
VE3NCF-SOUTH 10.2 hours ago

Hi! Nice to see the regional forum started up. I'm the admin for the Hamilton mesh project. We have had 3 Nanostation M2's at our club repeater site for more than a year, but haven't been able to really use them. We were thinking about improvements such as changing to 3 or 5 Ghz bands, better antennas, etc. A couple of weeks ago Bob, VE3CWU told me about the initiative between Niagara and Mississauga, and suggested we update to AREDN firmware.

Doing so has resulted in a dramatic change in performance. Being able to get out of the wifi band has made our node come alive! We've gone from seeing a wifi scan with over 100 signals to a scan showing only 3; two of our own nodes and the Mississauga-Oakville link. The change in signal to noise was dramatic.

Getting connected to the Mississauga node was a happy accident. In pointing their antenna at Oakville's site, Mississauga also pointed it directly at our node. All we had to do was get on the same channel and bandwidth, and everything lit up. I'm guessing that's about a 50km link over land.

We now have a GS108E on site, a tunnel to another Mesh Island, and some really interesting possibilities ahead. I'm really looking forward to promoting our efforts and getting more Hamilton club members on-line.

Happy Meshing!

Ron Pereira, VE3ZX
 VE3NCF node site, Hamilton Amateur Radio Club

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Great Report!

Thanks for posting your report, Ron.  We are in the process of drafting a Press Release for our beta release.  Do you mind if I quote from your report?

Andre, K6AH

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I would be honoured (Canadian
I would be honoured (Canadian spelling). I am really just a newbie but anything that will promote MESH Networking is good!!!
We are building a highway. Once the Highway is built it will up to everyone else to put the CARS on the ROAD!
Eric - ve3ei
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Wrong Response!
Sorry Ron. I thought you were asking me. Ron's report was very informative!
Thanks, Andre. Feel free to
Thanks, Andre. Feel free to quote my post. Hamilton could use the publicity.

Ron, VE3ZX
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Good to hear from you!
Thanks for the update Ron. We look forward to linking up with you guys.
You should be able to link directly to VE3PLF which is located in Fonthill at one the commercial sites!
It is on an Omni so it should be reachable.
Will anyone from Hamilton be going to St Catharines this weekend? I will unfortunately not be there but Kevin and Brad will be! Kevin is looking after table sales so he should be easy to find. We need to get a dialog going in the GTA. With the number of prople in this area, this should be a hotbed of activity!
All the best from Niagara
Eric - ve3ei
Howdy, Neighbours!
Hi, Eric;
I had hoped to be able to link with PLF. Our East node is pointed right at PLF, but a bit of the escarpment pokes out in front, and I think Fresnel effects are messing up that hop. Let me know if you can see VE3NCF at all, maybe we just need to put a dish up at our end.
I've done some modelling using Radio Mobile, and a link should be possible, if the ground clutter can be cleared. We can't get much higher, but perhaps you can get a bit further up that tower?
My wife frequents a quilt shop in the shadow of the water tower near your site.
I'll be at St. Catherines this saturday, so I'll be sure to look for the Niagara guys.
Ron - VE3ZX
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Wow! Ron. i can see NCF East
Wow! Ron. i can see NCF East @ -90 and NCF-South @ -91 at the PLF node!!!!
I only get PRC at -89 .... That should be enough for a link!
I will not be there Saturday as I will be in Montreal. But Kevin and Brad will be there. Say Hi to them!
Eric - ve3ei
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AWESOME!  We LOVE LOVE LOVE stories like this!
In April of 2014 myself and

In April of 2014 myself and Anthony ( VA3IDL) began setting up the "Peel Mesh" , a combined effort of the Peel ARC and the Mississauga ARC.  We set up 3 backbone sites with 3 nodes at each location. These nodes were initially using xagyl radios that have since been replaced with Ubiquity units.

ve3mis-rptr to ve3mis-station is 14km.  ve3mis-stn to ve3prc-rptr is 7km. ve3prc-rptr to ve3cwu is 5km.  

As the mesh grew we gathered 5 local amateur sites and in 2015 added a second backbone site in Brampton (on cell tower about 120' AGL) with 3 more nodes ( ubiquity nanostations).  We now also have a 5ghz link using nanobridge dishes between mis-stn and mis-rptr.  All mesh nodes are now ubiquity devices and are running current AREDN firmware on channel -2 @ 10mhz width.  

This mesh showing links can be viewed at BBHN on their google map page.  

Just today i installed the new beta on 3.16.1 on 3 of my nodes here at home and they seem to be working well. I may do a few more of the actual mesh nodes soon.
As has been pointed out we have now made successful links to Niagara Region 65km away and with Hamilton 45km away.  

Ron in Hamilton has a tunnel connection to Barrie Ontario and that is showing on the mesh.  I now count (minimum) 47 nodes on the mesh.

My vision of "The Golden Horseshoe Mesh " is becoming a reality.

Bob ve3cwu @        

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