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next big tunnel experiment ... kinda working

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next big tunnel experiment ... kinda working

Thanks to you elmers, we are making serious progress on geting teh AIROS back bone and mesh nodes integrated into a statewide network.

we connected the AIROS mobile van to the NS2LOCO configured as tunnel client using the gs105e vlan setup.

first issues to address is there is no dhcp server on the backbone so we had to define the mesh wan as static 172.16.5.x

the NS2 is dhcp on the node lan side as 10.x.x.x

we were able to connect to a mast cam on the back bone link, but had some issues with it not being able to relink after a disconnect and reconnect. using a purely static network is going to be a record keeping challenge.

Another issue, I believe will be the lack of dns on the backbone services.

Yet another thing coems to mind, and that is a controled gateway to the internet. I believe the mesh nodes properly tunneled/vlaned will anser that question.

this stuff has a lot of moving parts (hihi)...

but we are having fun.


Thanks again for all the great support and guidance.

73 de mike

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One option to consider when

One option to consider when using AirOS links, is to put these devices in a 'bridge' type mode ( to send packets in/out the cat5 ports on both ends and nothing more).    Basically this RF path would act like a cat5 cable between 2 mesh nodes on both ends talking to each other via DtDlink.  I've not done this, so not sure the specifics on the airOS node for the moment.   This would likely need a GS105E on both ends to convert the vlan2 packets from the mesh nodes and remove the tag when sending into the airOS node (reverse on other end).


DTDLink is only for lossless

DTDLink is only for lossless networks and should NEVER be attempted to be used over a lossy link such as wireless or WAN's.

Use otherwise may cause unexpected results and in addition if packet loss increases to 5% the link will be dropped (this is why it should not be used over lossy links)

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Yes, this option would only

Yes, this option would only work by removing "mode ether" in /etc/config/olsrd for DtDlink to behave correctly over RF link with higher loss.   This is not an out-of-box setting to typically change and gets into advanced usage.     

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