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Newby question: Scanning for Nodes

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Newby question: Scanning for Nodes
Andre's superb presentation at the Torrance ARRL ham convention has me really interested to establish a node in Central Los Angeles (near Griffith Park roughly). I've studied procedures for loading the AREDN firmware, and I have a 2.4gig and a 5gig Ubituiti NanoStation on order. When I;m ready to mount the devices, how do I scan for an available signal? Or do you just map it out, set it up and check if it works? I'm closest to DTLA, but oibstructed. I do have perfect line-of-sight to Mt. Wilson and surrounding, so maybe the nodes in Pasadena will work. Any thought of putting a node on Mt. Wilson? That would most surely service all of the Valley and much of central LA.

David Ahrendts, KK6DA
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David,  There are details on
David,  There are details on coverage of the general SoCal area at this web site: .   Maybe a stretch on some of these options, but check them out just in case:

1)  just north on Verdugo is a 2Ghz and soon to be 5Ghz sector coverage.  
2) Huntington Hospital about 8 miles to the east.  
3) Future possibility with coverage from City of Industry on a water tower location
4) Track down KK6NAN -- has a home somewhere near Griffith observatory and was looking to build out a mesh in the area with others about ~6 months ago.


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