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newbie Lesson learned :-) duh...

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newbie Lesson learned :-) duh...

Found another newbie error, don't try to edit the status file in the /www/cgi-bin directory.  smiley
 I, using smarTTY copied this status file to my PC, edited it with notepad (I did something simple, adding <body bgcolor="#EED598"> to change the background color.  Wanted to customize my node page  cheeky
Made a backup copy on the PC before, in case I mess it up.  Put this edited file back in the node.  Then got: 404 Not Found.  Okay, put the backup in its place.  No good, still 404 Not Found.  sad   Noticed, in smarTTY that the file is no longer highlighted in green font, now it's grey.  I managed to hose the node  crying The file gets munged somewhere between uploading and downloading...

Maybe I shoulda used vi in the node to add this <body bgcolor="#EED598"> or maybe I need to know what I'm doing laugh

However, I can, by typing cgi-bin/setup get to the setup page.  And then to administration, and grab the bbhm 3.1.0 file and then reflash the node.  smiley

Of course I had to reconfigure everything, but at least I didn't brick the node...

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Much easier technique:
Much easier technique:

copy /www/aredn.css to /www/mycustom.css  (or whatever you want to name it)
edit /www/mycustom.css
Choose it in the "Select a Theme" dropdown on the status page.

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Also, if you do want to go
Also, if you do want to go back to an initial flashed state:
boot up the node fully (about 2 mins)
press and hold the RESET button on the node (or on the PoE Adapter) for 15 seconds
Release and it will reboot back to the "pre-config state"
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What likely happened was your
What likely happened was your PC added a .txt extension to the file. Don't fear editing files and playing around under the covers of AREDN. There is a lot to be learned by connecting to the node via a terminal and poking around. Just don't do this on a production node.

Have fun, experiment, put the hAM back in HAM radio!

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Good text editor
A good text editor on Windows machines to use is Notepad ++. Just remember to make sure the Edit --> EOL Conversion is set to "UNIX/OSX Format" (grayed out if set). 

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