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New WebUI

I've been working on a new webUI and came across this comment from AE6XE in the issue-tracker:

"There is work in process to redesign and rewrite the UI, such that any updates to the old UI are independent. This should be a consideration in the new design regardless. Fixing in this old UI is unlikely anyone would invest time in."

Who is doing this work?  How far along is it?

As I've been working on a new webUI, I'm needing to modify the existing perl quite a bit... such that I'm compelled to just rewrite it.  As such, I'm curious what the state of any ongoing efforts is.

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New UI in progress

We are focusing out efforts on rewriting it in Vuejs/Nuxt. Darryl K5DLQ is leading the effort and can give more details. We are looking for people to assist us. The sooner we complete this project, the sooner we will put the difficult to maintain Perl code behind us.

If you need help learning Vuejs or Nuxt, there are good tutorials at, Academind and many others.


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One of the design concerns is

One of the design concerns is how many languages are in use.  Perl and Python are 'heavy' footprint languages to be on an embedded device.  OpenWrt is linux shell and LUA based, consequently we have followed using the same so far, with hopes of removing Perl to free up a large chunk of flash space and RAM usage.  LUA is not as widely used as perl, python, and some other options, however.  By only considering the footprint sizes, the path for a new UI would be the combinations of LUA, shell scripting, Vuejs/Nuxt. 

K5DLQ's picture is the repo for the new UI

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Script salad

Yes, I can see where Perl and Python put a hefty demand on some of these devices.

I'm familiar with linux shell and I am comfortable learning Lua. (I've already had to learn Perl to dissect the existing webUI.)  I am not familiar with Vuejs or Nuxtjs, but I have some pretty good googlefu.

Thank you for the information, and the link to the repo for the new UI.  I'll take a look.

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