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new user question
i just got my cpe510 flashed but noticed snr says n/a will that only work if other users are nearby?
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Yep.  If you are not hearing
Yep.  If you are not hearing another station, there is nothing to give a s/n ratio.
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cpe510 just flashed, snr=n/a, other users
+1 with K6CCC
An AREDN node will display SNR = N/A when no other AREDN nodes are heard on the same Channel, SSID, and BANDWIDTH.
To detect other AREDN users nearby, you may do a Wi-Fi Scan on each of 5, 10, and 20 MHz bandwidth.
That will display detectable nodes even if they have a different SSID.
I think it is rare that a network has nodes with non-default SSIDs.

73, Chuck

then i guess im gonna need
then i guess im gonna need for ex the microtik hap for internet connectivity 

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