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New User Looking for help

I have two working nodes built on NanoStation M2N units. They check out fine, I also have a managed switch available. My desire was to deeply these and use a tunnel to link to other nodes. Looking at your map, there is another node about 7 miles away that I might be able to see, but otherwise i am an island. 
I got back into Ham Radio now I am in semi retirement with the specific aim of looking into mesh radio. I have a strong career in digital communications and this seems a good fit. 
This site and the docs has got me so far, but I need to reach out to get the addresses and codes to create the tunnel and become part of the net. Seems there is no defined process i have found for this, hence this post. 
My call is KD2QIP located in NJ at Lat 40.774800 Long -74.17824 nearest operating node seems to be N2MH other than driving to his address cannot find an e-mail or phone number for him and he is never on his repeater. 
So anybody in my area prepared to help out?

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Mesh connections in NNJ

I can assist you and supply a tunnel connection too. I am sending you a direct email.

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Contact Made

We have been in touch via email. Now looking to see if we have a path. Randy, thanks for setting him up with a tunnel.

73, Mark

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