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Hey All,

I learned about AREDN while I was at Scale 19x

Seems like a pretty neat project, so I ordered myself some hardware:

  • hAP ac lite

the hAP ac lite got here quickly courtesy of Amazon and I got that running pretty easily.

Since it doesn't have an RF link I'm assuming I'll need a tunnel to get the hAP working on the network?

I'm located at 33.82226957423851, -117.53467609972485 which puts me pretty close (as the crow flies) to these RF sites:

  1. Pleasants Peak (http://ae6xe-pleasantspk-rm2.local.mesh:8080/)
  2. Lake Elisinore (http://k6ah-elbbred.local.mesh:8080/)

However, sadly, due to geography I won't be able to hit these sites.

Clicking around the map it looks like the only RF node that I have a straight shot to is this one:


It's a bit of a long haul though:

Could a more experienced member recommend a closer, better suited site?
I should be able to get the antenna on the 2nd story roof, which is 25-30 ft in the air (plus a little more for the mast)


For those that are curious,

For those that are curious, this is what the ubiquiti tool says about Pleasants Peak:

This is what it says about Lake Elsinore:

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http://ke6bxt-wa6svt-m5rgps120-144-71-150.local.mesh:8080/ is a 120 sector pointing North. Sorry.
Darn ok, thanks for the heads
Darn ok, thanks for the heads up.

I got my dish today, time to set it up and see if I can find anything fun.

The hamnet mail server said to point north and run a scan, see what I find.
So I ended up ordering two

So I ended up ordering two dishes:

  1. Ubiquiti Powerbeam M5-400 (25 dBi gain)
  2. Mikrotik Lite Head Grid 5HPXL (27 dBi gain)

I couldn't get the Ubiquity to pick up anything at all, no matter what direction I pointed it. I'll probably reflash it to see if I did anything wrong there.

The Mikrotik on the other hand, I pointed it in the same general direction to snow peak and right away it picked up something!

I used the Chart SNR sound tool to fiddle with the dish and find the strongest signal. That was a huge help in finding the "sweet spot"

After a little bit I was able to make a link (albiet very slow 1.9 Mbps lol) with AI6BX-7-RM5-SNOW-SW!

That's a 44 Mi shot to the top of the mountain!

I ran out of daylight today, but I'll fiddle with the Mikrotik in other directions tomorrow.

Very excited to get something working!

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