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New SoCal high-level node

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New SoCal high-level node

Thought some of you might be interested in this -

Saturday (8/3) a team of hams went up to Loop Canyon, a 1,600 foot hill north of Los Angeles. There's a commercial radio site located there. We installed a 120 degree sector antenna and Rocket M5 directed roughly north at the Santa Clarita Valley.

The installation was grinding hard. Three hams spent several hours removing an unused antenna mount from about 30 feet up on a tower, battling some seriously-rusted bolts. They were ultimately successful. and remounted the bracket at the 100 foot level. They then mounted the sector antenna and Rocket which will cover over 60 square miles

The node is connected to the local backbone, giving it access to the rest of the network.

We have to go back to the building to do some cleanup work, but the hard part - the tower work - is done.

Props to Rob W6RH, Justin K6BFG, Eric KE6MLF and Bill AB6BW for a job well done!

Here are some photos, in no particular order:


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