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New Rocket M5 status?

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New Rocket M5 status?

What is the current status of production model M5 Rockets?  I understand that B04 supports a model that has a USB connector.  Is this unit an XM or XW version?

We are ready to implement a system expansion in this area with new purchases and want to make sure that any M5 units purchased new are now supported by AREDN.



The latest supported device

The latest supported device list (including those included in beta) can be found here

At this time we are still working towards known hardware issues with the new Rocket M5's (discussed in the forums and in AREDN->ticket:43 however even if that were to be solved today it wouldn't make it into as we are on a feature freeze and would have to wait for a new release.

The Rocket mentioned in the release  notes is an Older XM device, not one that many are likely to run across especially when buying new hardware as it's about 3-4 board revisions back.

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