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New RMS Express Release with MESH Features!

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New RMS Express Release with MESH Features!


RMS Express version has been released.  You can get the update using the standard autoupdate procedure.
Changes since version
* Add the option to use a background task to receive messages via Telnet CMS connection, Telnet Post Office connections and Telnet P2P Connections. Set the option for Telnet CMS connections on the Telnet Setup screen.  Set the option for Post Office and P2P connections in the entries for individual stations. See the revised Help file.
* You can click Files/View Background Tasks to see a list of all background tasks that are enabled.
* Added a new option to Contact entries (in the address book).  You can designate that messages for the contact are to be sent to a CMS or to a network post office server or to a Telnet P2P connection.  See the help section on Contacts for additional information.
* Add a new setup screen to control audible notification of new messages and automatic forwarding of messages.  You can access the controls by clicking Files/Message Notification and Forwarding.  See the revised Help file for additional information.
* Provide support for an unlimited number of aux callsigns and tactical addresses.  Added passwords for aux callsigns/tactical addresses.
* If an Internet connection is available, automatically register new callsigns, Aux callsigns and tactical addresses with the CMS.
* Removed the Secure Login checkbox.  If a password is specified, secure login is enabled automatically.
* Add a new message editing function: Forward Without Change.  This forwards the message without adding a new header, and it doesn't allow alterations to the message text.
* Add a checkbox to the Files/Setup screen to automatically install field test (beta) versions.  This eliminates the need to edit the .ini file to get beta versions.
* Added connection and disconnection timestamps to the session logs.
* Add a new line to the header of downloaded messages. "Downloaded-from" shows which RMS or message server a message was downloaded from.
* Add support for the Barrett 2050 radio.
* Add additional automatic polling intervals to P2P Telnet connections and network post office connections.
* Temporarily disable the input character queue to fix a problem with new messages not being able to be displayed.
* Add additional buffering to the input stream to better handle bursts of data (especially from Telnet).
* Change the font used for the body of messages on the message editor screen to be the same as the address and subject fields.
* Fix a bug that caused the received message count always to be 0.
* Fix a bug that could cause exceptions and hangs during very short Telnet connections to local servers.
Here's a link to a PowerPoint presentation on several of the new features:

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